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Adrian Lee Energy

Energy is Everything and Everywhere!  It can change your life.

Adrian works with Past Life and Akashic Record Clearing. He was shown the spiritual path many times from an early age but ignored it until the universe put him in a position where he had no choice but to turn to the light.

Before finding his true-life path, Adrian experienced many low-vibration programs, emotions & situations. Since 2017 Adrian has been on an accelerated healing path that has been transformational for himself & many others to the true soul’s purpose, love, joy, & happiness.​

When you are in alignment, the magic starts to happen.

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Akashic Records & Past Life Healing

I recently had a beautiful Akashic records clearing with Adrian Lee. Adrian is very skilled in how he holds sacred space, and if you give him permission to enter your energy field he is very gifted in being able to feel exactly what you are feeling during the session – which is very validating. He is extremely sensitive in reading your energy. Some things came up for clearing that I had not expected from many decades ago and it was quite emotional, but after the session I felt lighter, clearer, and happier. I would recommend him at this important time if you feel you need assistance.
Pam Gregory
Astrologer – The Next Step
I have been clearing for 40 years but that was the deepest clearing I have ever done!
Diana Cooper
Author, International Speaker, Teacher

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