This Testimonial selection contains group themed sessions:

Clearing Poverty Consciousness : Divine relationships : Physical & Mental Health : New Year New Beginnings

I am very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to share their feedback and experiences. I share this information as it can be very useful to others who might be considering a session. The information may also give some confidence in the person facilitating and channelling these sessions. 

As with all healing and clearing sessions there can be various outcomes. I am just honouring the space in me where spirit and energy comes through to enable what happens in the sessions.

Very grateful. Share the gift of life and love xxx

Clearing Poverty Consciousness

Astonishing! Definitely needed. As it unfolded in me, I suddenly realised all of the Catholic guilt and shame that was drilled into me as a child by strict parenting in the late 1960s, was actually being wiped! Thank God. Literally! (We were taught that going without was a prerequisite. I am not joking!) It certainly felt profound and very productive. I am certain it also related to previous incarnations. PATRICK
Clearing Poverty Consciousness
What an amazing experience. I have done this clearing every day and I’m actually feeling lighter and clearer headed. I realise how much energy of others I was literally carrying around. CARLA
Clearing Poverty Consciousness
Thank you so much 💖
You are such a great expression of your soul and such a lovely person.
All your work is magic and greatful and your smile makes all happy.
You are very big inspiration for us.
Thank you and Blessings. With a big smile and thankfulness from Austria. 🤗 INGRID
Clearing Poverty Consciousness
I was at your session yesterday on Abundance, thank you it was wonderful and the energy was amazing.
Boy is it working!!
Someone offered me 18000 euros just now!
Pure magic!
Thank you for your amazing contribution to the world. ROMY
Clearing Poverty Consciousness
Thank you for this great Deep Akashic Clearing of Poverty Consciousness and Abundance Blocks. I was yawning the whole time, and afterwards I was in a kind of trance. Thank you for the list you gave us. It helps me in my daily programme. I look forward to the next clearing too. CARMEN MARIA ANHORN
Clearing Poverty Consciousness
Thank you so much, this session is amazing, really powerful. I’m so grateful that I can listen to your work, it really helps. As you said, I am sure many people struggle with abundance, money is such a loaded subject and a source of real anguish for most of us. It’s encouraging that you have turned your situation around and I wish you all good things.
Clearing Poverty Consciousness

Divine Relationships

Thank you Adrian!! It was huge!
Divine Relationships
Thank you, that was really good.
Divine Relationships
Great clearing tonight – wow! Blessings.
Divine Relationships
That was the Highest Experience of forgiveness, love and Light I have experienced in this way. The way of the One True Heart. Thank you a Zillion times over Adrian.
Divine Relationships
So wonderful Adrian! Thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with us. We have complete Trust for what you do. Thank you for helping us ascend with joy.
Divine Relationships
Thank you so much for this very deep clearing. I knew this was a big one as I was feeling anxious all day about it. During the clearing, I felt my heart hurt and this was to feel the pain and release it. I feel so much more at peace and filled with love. What a  lovely way to go to bed. It’s so important we all reconnect our own love, so we can love others and expand in love even more
Divine Relationships
During the call, I started to feel the energy around me, and when it began, I experienced what I call “Love Bliss” as my whole body tingled. Despite it being 2am in the Philippines, I managed to stay awake for the call, although I was in a Theta wave state. The energy was incredibly strong, that every time I listened to the recording, I would fall asleep. However, three days later, I noticed a remarkable change within me. I feel calmer, my heart is more open and I am experiencing a deep sense of peace.
You are a blessing Adrian to me, and others. I cannot wait to learn more with you
Divine Relationships
I cannot express how transformation my energy has been since taking 2 Akashic records clearing workshops by Adrian Lee. His energy is very high vibration, gentle, kind and loving, you will feel this during the session as you connect with his energy. Whatever healing that you need will take place by the guidance of your higher self, and your spiritual team and Angels.
I felt that I knew his soul before and that this was all organized my spirit.
I am so grateful to connect with Adrian Lee, thank-you for assisting me on the healing that I needed to jump start into my purpose. All organised by spirit.
Much love, gratitude, blessings!
Divine Relationships

Physical and Mental Health Clearing

I just wanted to share this with you, after the meditation we did for physical and mental health.,I felt so much energy from the past life. I didn’t have some clear pictures about it, it is more like a feeling and it is still foggy whenever I tune into it in some meditations. Also I’m dealing with a rosacea issue which is caused by earlier seborrheic dermatitis. I felt so much release and my skin after a long time is getting really better. And yes that meditation was so powerful. I am so grateful. Thank you! And your team. Much love.
❤️ Sladjana Hadzi-Milic
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
I am healing my hearing loss, and it was the 6th working session with you. This one about health was incredible, I felt so much, was yawning so deeply, and now I have pain in my lower jaw on the left side where I had lots of dental treatments. We had a spiritual operation, could that be a reaction? I will repeat this clearing and see. 7 years ago I was in Abadiania (Joao de Deos) and also there the spirits worked with us. I’ll let you know. Clara already helped me, she told me that my yawning is a reset of my nervous system. That sounds so understandable. I thank you so much.
Carmen Maria
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
I have taken every group session you’ve offered and my 29-year-old son has joined me. I also was honoured to be part of your online training session. My son joined me today for your Physical & Mental clearing and afterwards we talked for some time, marveling at what had just taken place. I said I had never experienced energy of that quality. He said, “You always say that after Adrian’s sessions.” My reply, “Because it’s true!” We laughed, still lifted by the hour spent in the frequency you brought through.
Patricia 💝 
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
For three years and eight months I have been often housebound and bedbound from the effects of a Covid infection in March 2023. There are millions and millions of people experiencing the same all over the world. 

After today’s transformative session I walked up the hill in front of our house and through the neighbourhood for half an hour without pain, breathlessness, nor fatigue. In the section about Soul Contracts I saw a past life that has without a doubt influenced every life since, because of its tragic magnitude. And now my soul fragments are returned and thoughts of that life are neutral. My son had a similarly significant experience, but that is his to tell. 

I’ll keep you updated with wondrous changes that I feel certain will occur. With all gratitude, 
💖 Patricia Dreame Wilson ✨
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
As you said, ‘through the roof’!  Absolutely incredible 👏

I think it’s fair to say that everyone’s energies have escalated since Portugal!
Including yours Adrian! Since you are the channel for the healing process, and we share in your vibration. 
Too many things to say, it was so full on I couldn’t keep track of it? What I will say is I definitely noticed the psychic surgery. I even glimpsed a man staring at me ready to work, and he definitely looked like a doctor! Lol. 
At the end I felt exhausted, but I knew that was a job well done 👏 
Malcolm says his brain fog has nearly all dissipated. He wants to give you a massive shout out.

We will be using this replay over and over. I noticed that the energies expiry isn’t until next Spring 2024. This is great news, thank you Adrian. 
On behalf of us all, a very huge thank you 😊 🙏 And also to Clara. 
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
Wow the healing energy was out of this world with the Physical and mental. On the physical side I burned my hand yesterday morning and by the time the cleaning was done my hand is almost back to normal and still has a little mark, but my hands do not hurt anymore. I also had a cold and a cough. I did not sleep well 2 nights before Sunday, because I was coughing too much after cleaning. 98 percent is gone. That is physically noticeable, but what is more important is the emotional mental health. 
I went through a really challenging year this year  but just before the cleaning I was like what an experience this year it was, and I became more grateful that I could elevate to the next level. I am in a good space and I have a deeper understanding. 

Before the cleaning happened online I did set my intention. I definitely had psychic surgery and lots of emotions were cleared. I feel really happy, lighter and more empowered in my life.
Thank you so much Adrian and all the beautiful surgeons, healers, spirit guides… that helps 
Lots of love and blessings.
Zdenka Lacikova
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for the session you did with us last night, it was amazingly powerful and wonderful. 

I’ve been trying to heal myself for over 20 years since having severe post natal depression with both my girls and bouts of depression since, lots of awful digestive problems over the years now managed with meditation/herbs/homoeopathic remedies. Also, my Nan was sectioned and had so much electric shock treatment she was “completely out of it’ after that until she died. In my family there are a lot of very difficult dynamics and basically no one will face them, they are just ignored. I’ve worked intensively with so many healing modalities over the years to heal the issues but I’m not sure how much they have shifted especially my younger daughter and sisters still not talking to me. I really feel this daily work I’ve been doing with your recording – clearing to bring in Divine aligned loving relationships is profound! and things will start to shift finally.  I feel so clear afterwards and the session last night was perfectly timed before the gemini full moon (my mum and ex are both gemini!) the energy was off the scale!
Rachel Roberts
Physical & Mental Health Clearing
I would like to say a huge THANK YOU. You are an extraordinary person and incredibly generous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best regards
Agnes Grubelnig
Physical & Mental Health Clearing