Akashic Record Clearing


Deep general clearing from all lifetimes includes your intentions, what could be holding you back, and soul contracts that are not serving you. This clearing can be very powerful and change your life. This High-frequency re-calibration lightwork works through all areas of your life, bringing you into 5th-dimensional heart alignment with your soul’s purpose. This will assist you on your journey to the empowerment of your soul, love, joy & happiness. One-to-one session online via Zoom. Bookings based on UK/London time Apologies but I am unable to offer any individual sessions until further notice which I will review in the New Year. Thank you for your understanding. I would encourage you to complete the group deep Akashic record clearing on the events page as it has the same energy and power as an individual sessions, just without our personal interaction. Privileged to be on the journey with you. We are one! Much Love and blessings. Adrian

Deep general clearing from all lifetimes includes your intentions, what could be holding you back, and soul contracts that are not serving you.

To see how this can help you dramatically move forward, please see testimonials & videos.
Saw immediate changes in close relationships
I had a powerful Akashic Records Clearing session with the wonderful Adrian Lee and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Adrian’s work. I am a therapist myself and I am very particular who I let work on me. As Adrian came so highly recommended by the amazing Diana Cooper, I just knew I had to have a session.
Adrian has a natural gift of working in the Akashic Records and has a very steady, calming voice and way of working that makes you know you are in safe hands. I saw immediate changes in close relationships for the better and I know this session will have far reaching benefits. Thank you, Adrian, for your gifts.
Akashic Record Clearing
Business and Personal life complete turnaround
I wanted to let you know what has unfolded in our lives since our sessions with you.
Mike’s business has completely turned around. Mike has the confidence to be the leader and take the decisions necessary. He is so much lighter and so much more positive and eager to move all of this forward. We cannot thank you enough for helping him to find his way forward. The joy of Mike change has opened many new doors in our personal lives too.

Meanwhile, for me, I have been able to release the self-esteem issues that were part of the programming from my mother. My healing work has deepened, and I am so much lighter. I find it so much easier to be in the light and am able to use the tools in my life to stay in the light. 
I wanted to let you know, we so appreciate having found you. 

Wishing you many blessings and all our love
Eliz & Mike
Akashic Record Clearing
So much has changed
So many amazing things happened after the clearing. Angels have come to me. I feel my dad is around me telling me the work is done. This is amazing and you are amazing. I have so much to share with you. I saw so many signs and symbols, I know it will help others so let’s set something up and get this info out there. You have done huge work. I feel very different. Thank you!
Lisa Marie
Akashic Record Clearing