Past Life Passive Healing


Past life Passive Healing is a healing modality (Ark Healing) that helps all involved step into their Sovereignty. It is a completely guided process which allows the client to remove Karma. threading from all levels of their energetics, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and multidimensionally, which has restricted them over many lifetimes. This frees the body physically and non-physically from karmic suffering and allows it to heal itself. The founder says that completing three sessions puts you in a position to release 51% of Karma. One-to-One session online via Zoom Bookings based on UK/London time Apologies but I am unable to offer any individual sessions until further notice which I will review in the New Year. Thank you for your understanding. I would encourage you to complete the group deep akashic record clearing on the events page as it has the same energy and power as an individual sessions, just without our personal interaction. Privileged to be on the journey with you. We are one! Much Love and blessings. Adrian

Past life Passive Healing is a healing modality (Ark Healing) that helps all involved step into their Sovereignty.

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This Is Life Changing
I am Gobsmacked and this is Phenomenal. Very real and intrinsically linked to my anxiety. Just can’t believe where the healing took me. The most powerful woo thing I have ever had.
As soon as Adrian started the healing process, I felt fully supported by his energy and Angels started gathering. Once the grounding and opening of the heart chakra was done, I was immediately in a past life which had links to many areas of my current life. Adrian was able to help me explore this past life and acknowledge which parts negatively influenced this life and release the karma from it.
I can honestly say that this is the most amazing ‘woo’ thing I have ever done. The power involved in the session was immense and I was genuinely taken aback by the intensity of the experience and blown away how the individual aspects totally related to issues I’ve had in this lifetime.
Adrian guided me through the whole process, and I felt his positive energy throughout. I can honestly say that this experience has been life changing and I can see already how much it’s helping me. 
Thanks so much Adrian 😊
Past Life Passive Healing
Deep healings, phenomenal, profound
Thank you for the fantastic sessions Adrian, and thank you for holding the space to allow me to speak my absolute truth 🙏🤗💜.

They were deep, deep healings and feel I can really stand in my power and no one with ever walk all over me again.
Divine thanks Adrian for the phenomenal & profound healing sessions. I only let a few certain healers into my energy.

You are super powerful and the purest of souls.
Past Life Passive Healing
Profound experience
After some initial breathing exercises, Adrian began by taking me through some protective visualisations which made me feel safe, focused and relaxed, and which were truly beautiful.

Adrian’s approach to the session was perfect: From explaining how it all worked to directing the healing in a clear and gentle way.
At no point did Adrian prompt me, and I felt reassured throughout that however the session went, it would be exactly right.

The emotions and sensations I felt during and after the session confirmed to me that I had undergone a profound experience.
I am now looking forward to my next phase of spiritual development in the certainty that this session has caused a shift and will continue to help me progress on my spiritual journey.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Adrian’s Passive Healing sessions and I’m extremely glad to have had the experience.
Past Life Passive Healing