I am very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to share their feedback and experiences from the training courses, both in person and online. I share their feedback as it can be very useful to others who might be considering doing the training themselves.

Always so very grateful to share the gift of life and love xx

Healing to my whole ancestral line

Dear lovely Adrian
Thank you so much for your amazing workshop on Saturday, I am still reeling from it…in a very good way! I felt quite spacey all that evening and slept intermittently but the dreams and visions were coming thick and fast and were really vivid. Although I can’t remember all that much it felt like a very deep clearing/ healing was happening to my whole ancestral line, especially for my mother who suffered a lot of emotional trauma.
I have since felt a profound sense of deep peace and I’m taking even more care of myself; just as well as I’m really looking forward to helping others with this and want to be in the best space to do so!
Massive thanks again.
Akashic Record Training

My abundance blocks are lifted and my creativity is bursting  

Hello everybody!! I firstly wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence and connection on Saturday. It was such a beautiful group and I felt so moved by the energy – truly remarkable! I have had multiple realisations since the workshop thank you SO much Adrian, I felt like I’ve got myself back after walking around in a haze for a little while. I’m actually waking up now excited about my day and not dreading it. I had physical pain that has gone since the workshop. My abundance blocks are lifted and my creativity is bursting to be expressed. It’s changed my life. I do feel that part of the impact of the workshop was our particular dynamic on the day, so I am looking forward to connecting with you all again soon. 
Akashic Record Training

Released lots

It was amazing. I had a really lovely day, learnt lots, released lots and loads of lovely healing energies with a heart centred facilitator.
Akashic Record Training

So many tips

The training was off this planet and incredible, so many tips and I felt so much clearing.
Akashic Record Training

Powerful and useful tool

Just a heartfelt thank you for yesterday’s training. It was an awesome experience to have with a clearing. To gain understanding with structure, clarification and confirmation of what we are doing and where we are going is right.
 I’m super excited to use this powerful and useful tool within the work I am already doing and can one hundred percent see how this will enhance animals and people’s lives.
Akashic Record Training

Special energy

Thank you for such a wonderful and informative Akashic Record Clearing workshop.
The venue was perfect and created a special energy where the participants could learn, share and enjoy taking part. Adrian’s delivery was easy to follow and I liked the fact he asked lots of questions and listened to the responses. He took onboard that everyone is at different stages of learning, some experienced some not so much, but the group, I felt, gelled very well.
Akashic Record Training

Comprehensive and well-constructed

I really enjoyed attending live and meeting like minded people. Lovely rural venue. Being with the teacher in person instead of just online. I am particular with who I choose to learn with now.
I appreciated the comprehensive and well constructed script to work from, that is proven to be effective for clients. Adrian is a teacher I can trust who is coming from high integrity
I was very happy to see the indigo light in my third eye during the meditation and receive a  message from my Native American Indian guide during Adrian’s… and seeing into a Golden Eagle’s eye
Akashic Record Training

Synchronicities fell into place

Thank you so much for such an amazing day in such a beautiful venue and setting.
The information beforehand was fantastic, what we needed to bring, down to detailed photographed directions.
The actual day and training was extremely well organised, very thorough and professional and making sure we had everything we needed to be able to go out and practise this incredible method of healing on ourselves and others. Plus additional follow up support, which is very nourishing, practical and again professional.
That your teaching comes from the heart was so felt by me, as a result I felt safe and there was laughter and fun as well as serious sharing and discussion. 
How I came to be on your training was due to synchronicities that fell into place and it is certainly one of the best things I have done in a long while. I am excited to see where it takes me.
Akashic Record Training

You could trust this guy with your Granny!

I have been attending Adrian Lee’s Akashic Record Clearing course online and getting tremendous results. So when I learned he was offering to teach how he does this, I immediately signed up for the workshop. 
It takes a special type of person to become a Spiritual leader who can teach effectively. Adrian fits this role perfectly. He is honest, generous and genuinely cares about helping others to get on in life, by showing them how to remove their blocks to success.
He gently leads rather than lectures, inspires rather than confuses and delivers in a way you know you could trust this guy with your Granny!
He is the real deal and precisely what the world needs right now.  Thank you Adrian.
Akashic Record Training

Using the script in conjunction with Reiki

I really enjoyed the workshop and found it fascinating. I had some interesting experiences during Adrian’s clearing and resetting session including my hands moving as I was breaking out of shackles in my mind. I almost drowned in this life when I was 15 and have always thought I had drowned in previous lives – yesterday I got images of a pond and someone with their foot over my head keeping me under water then they slowly lifted it off my head. I feel it’s to do with witch trials. I had lots going on in my digestive system too.
I felt so much lighter and brighter after the session then later on at home became emotional and teary but in a positive way. I found it deeply relaxing and I’m looking forward to using the script with myself in conjunction with my Reiki, I do feel big things will happen. I feel really good today and I’m breathing easier and more deeply. Just feeling lighter and calmer.
Akashic Record Training

I couldn’t fault the workshop in any way

Wow Adrian that was amazing, Great day with you yesterday it was lovely to meet you and i couldn’t fault the workshop you gave in any way.
Took me ages to go to sleep last night my mind was working overtime. Felt drained this morning however very calm. I will repeat the clearing again. Thank you so much.
Akashic Record Training

I have released something big because I keep crying

Massive thank you for today’s training 
Thank you very much Adrian. I have released something big because I keep crying. I felt so many different sensations in different parts of my body during your clearing. I saw a different light in my mind’s eye. Felt the presence of my Higher Self. I am truly grateful for this training. Thank you too to Clara. Adrian I am in awe of how gentle and kind you come across in any clearing that I take part in with you.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Akashic Record Training

Whenever I get rid of something I have to yawn!

  I came to this Workshop by chance. Our in-person meeting in September was cancelled and you Adrian offered me to come to this workshop. I am very thankful for that. I had already had several group Clearings with you Adrian, and I always reacted deeply.
Whenever I get rid of something I have to yawn, it looks like I’m yawning the whole time… I also enjoyed Saira Francis inputs and the meditation, I got in a deep trance then. This Akashic Record Clearing Work is ideal for me in connection with Diana Cooper’s work.
Carmen Maria Anhorn
Akashic Record Training

Adrian encourages us to shape it in our own way

I am extremely happy with this training and with how extensive Adrian has made the script. It feels very nice to have this technique to work on myself and to help people with this. I look forward to doing this and integrating it into my healing work. It feels very pure and honest and that it really comes from Adrian’s heart and there is no ego involved at all. 
I also think it’s great that Adrian encourages us to shape it in our own way and that he leaves us free to do so. I also find it very nice, supportive and enriching that he explains it so much, answers many questions and records videos with FAQs for clarification. 
Thank you very much Adrian!! And thanks Clara too for your help and presence! And also thanks to Saira; I also found her video and meditation very beautiful and valuable!
With lots of gratitude and happiness and sending blessings to you.
Emily van Houts
Akashic Record Training

Phenomenal work!

I did a clearing for someone the very next morning, it just evolved for a friend in need, so after a discussion which was very similar to ‘session questions,’ I said:
“I can do you an Akashic record clearing if you’d like, because it seems there are repeating patterns playing out that don’t change no matter what you do or try.”
She said yes and we went from there.
It was incredible because a curse and a religious vow of celibacy was cleared that was affecting the person’s life in the present, to the extent that some psychic had told them earlier in the year that they were being called by God and she was even getting thoughts of joining the church and taking vows! I had no idea of this before. A religious path is definitely not something for her present lifetime.
She has had repeating patterns of relationships going nowhere without any understandable reason or cause.
We’ll see what happens for her after this.
Because of that I feel confident to offer clearings to friends who are open to me practicing as a newbie (i.e. not necessarily appearing professional as yet) and I have done and already had another YES!
I plan to do a clearing for myself most days to raise my frequency as you mention.
It is phenomenal work, thank you so much to Adrian, Clara and everyone who took part and shared their experiences.
Akashic Record Training

Complete release of all tensions

This modality proved extremely powerful for me. The morning after the Clearing I woke up with a clear mind: the brain fog and dizziness that I have been suffering from after Covid for the last three years totally disappeared. 
I am experiencing a complete release of all the tensions in my pelvis and along my spine like never before. This is very surprising as I have been suffering from back pain since adolescence and never experienced such a deep release that somehow seems the first step through a total new reorganization of my nervous system and my musculoskeletal system. Wow!!!
Riccardo Torazzi
Akashic Record Training

As a non-native speaker, I was able to follow along at all times

I’m very happy to have taken the training with you! It was such a comprehensive and well-structured training and I enjoyed every minute! And even as a non-native speaker, I was able to follow along at all times and understood everything perfectly. I also appreciated the frequent breaks.
Stefanie Selles
Akashic Record Training

So much content

I found this course to have much useful information and practical usage in my life and that of my clients.  There was so much content, and the chance to experience a group session was wonderful.
Carolyn Osborn
Akashic Record Training

Powerful with great feedback

 I have facilitated 2 Akashic Records Sessions today and both were so powerful with great feedback from my 2 clients! I am very grateful to Adrian for his teachings!
Akashic Record Training

Now the energy is light and beautiful

Thank you so much for tonight’s workshop, it was very interesting and  time flew by. In the meditation I saw a huge silver-white sparkling geometric structure on my right hand side, like a huge snowflake… it felt very powerful. I’ve never seen anything like that before…
My two Akashic Masters looked like beautiful golden birds with a human body. I feel a deep love for them and had a deep connection between our hearts. During the Akashic Record Clearing I suddenly felt nervous and  uncomfortable (I think it was before we cleared all the negative stuff like entities, black magic…)  and it was very difficult for me to keep sitting still. Then my cat entered the room, jumped on my lap and I felt immediately calm again. Now the energy is light and beautiful and I feel love, joy and gratitude in my heart.
Marjam Parvisi
Akashic Record Training

Refreshed, energetic and happy

It was a very special and beautiful training in which so much was provided in a very pleasant way. It went smoothly and even though it took 6 hours in total (including breaks) I didn’t feel tired at all (and despite three very bad nights in a row). I actually feel very refreshed and energetic and happy. 
I felt a lot happening during the clearing, more than in earlier clearings. I also saw more; so much was removed from the pages of my records and transformed into light! I also felt a lot of tingling in my foot chakras and in the rest of my body. Especially with the removal of the spells and such. I felt much lighter afterwards and I also feel cheerful and happy, even though I am going through very difficult days. I feel a lot of confidence in the future, in myself and in the help that is available. 
Emily van Houts
Akashic Record Training

The manual is really full of information and wisdom

Thank you again for such a wonderful Workshop last Saturday.
The manual is really full of information and wisdom, it is very handy and easy to use in a session. The following Zoom meeting was also very good and quite rich with information.
Keiko Hauff
Akashic Record Training

Adrian’s teaching is so clear that it gave me the confidence to go ahead

Thank you so much for the Akashic training on Sunday. It was wonderful and very powerful. I thought the pace, content and length were perfect. I’m now setting up some complimentary sessions to really understand it and make better use of it which is exciting.
Thank you for the beautiful certificate! I love it, I got started right away. Adrian’s teaching is so clear that it gave me the confidence to go ahead.
What was amazing was seeing the physical transformation, everyone looked more rested, beautiful, like these layers were taken off.
Kate Murray
Akashic Record Training

Valuable information throughout

An excellent course, well worth taking.  Valuable information throughout with useful discussions and practical application.  I highly recommend it.
Akashic Record Training

Very healing experience

I would highly recommend this course, it was a very healing experience for myself and I will be able to use this to help my Clients as well.
Akashic Record Training

Time to move myself forward and remove blocks I have felt for so long

I have been struggling with mental health issues on and off for many years but the past three have been horrendous. I have attended many various zooms, completed a variety of healing modalities over many years without taking them any further, and all of Adrian’s zooms since becoming aware of him earlier this year. I even did an online course on Akashic records a few years ago but life or my own fear got in the way, and still does in a way.
Like living in two worlds, one foot in each, trying so hard to get that second foot across to the new.
I now know that in doing the training with Adrian, I can not only help myself move forward and remove the blocks I have felt for a long time and been unable to get past, but also to help others in a manner that I know when the time is right I will thoroughly enjoy from deep within my soul.
Cheryl Welburn
Akashic Record Training

Amazing and Profound Training

Thank you so much Adrian for this amazing and profound Training and deep Akashic records clearing. I feel so blessed. It’s an honour to have got to know you, precious soul, through Diana Cooper. I am looking forward to taking part in your teachings and clearings and practising the Akashic records clearing for the highest good of all.  
Thank you to Clara. She has done an amazing job during the training. Thank you, wonderful soul.
Much love and blessings to you both and a big cosmic hug.
Bettina Siemsen
Akashic Record Training

Invaluable tools to go forward

Thank you for holding such a beautiful and safe space for your Akashic Records Training. I found your delivery and the supporting materials so helpful and informative.  I liked the way we could follow, listen and make notes on the pdf as you explained in more detail all the steps. Your experience and examples of how to go forward using the Akashic Records has given me invaluable tools to go forward and help myself and others.  I look forward to using the Records to assist with the journey into the golden future ahead for us all.
Akashic Record Training

I so appreciate both the simplicity of the process, as well as its depth and complexity

 It was a wonderful course, due to your kind, warmhearted, so competent, yet so humble ways of teaching the ins and outs of your processes of doing these immensely important clearings! 
Thank you for that so very much! 
I have been doing readings and healings in the records over some time, and already from having experienced several clearings of yours up to now I am convinced that with this approach, there will be great gain, as I so much appreciate both the simplicity of the process, as well as its depth and complexity in scope, range and levels.
Barbara Schruttke
Akashic Record Training

All you do comes from your heart

 I absolutely love you and your energy. I want to thank you for all you are doing and all those you are helping. All you do comes from your heart and is greatly appreciated.  Personally we had a session a couple months back which was so very powerful and I signed up for this class immediately when it became available.  Thank you and Clara, for a thorough, prepared, clear and concise event.  Answering questions was indeed of great benefit to all.
Robin Stidham
Akashic Record Training

True gifts were nestled in the pure power of Adrian’s words

Prepare for what’s to come, because the only way I can give you proper feedback is to gush!
Sincerely though, from the beginning of signing up for the course I felt so fortunate. That you were offering a training at all seemed too good to be true and that it was affordable was a real blessing. But then, little by little, new bonuses came to the fore.
I was blown away by the continuing generosity.
Of course, the true gifts were nestled in the pure power of Adrian’s words for clearing the Akashic Records. Your gentle, accepting, experienced manner encouraged and uplifted us all to feel confident, ready, and excited to jump right in. 
Through the hours, I experienced so many personal insights, shifts, and clearings. Words of thanks hardly seem like enough. My hope is to pay it forward in using this work to help so many others.
Patricia Dreame Wilson
Akashic Record Training

I was grateful for you talking about entities, attachments etc

Thank you for delivering the training last night which I really enjoyed.  As well as a stand alone service I am hoping to incorporate these into my goddess astrology reading to clear past priest/priestess life’s shown in the south node to help client access their north node, their true potential in this lifetime.   I’ll let you know how it goes.
I was really grateful for you talking so openly about entities, attachments etc which I clear from clients on a regular basis, yet it still seems a bit of a taboo topic. Given its Scorpio season, where we often are required to deal with the dark personally and collectively it was great hearing someone else talk about it freely as well.
Lexie Wrightson
Akashic Record Training

Compact and very insightful

Thank you for your excellent training yesterday. It was compact and very insightful. I appreciated your generosity with the information that you shared. I look forward to putting it into practice. 
I was also inspired by the meditation which went very deep.
Thank you again, Adrian, for a brilliant session. Keep up the amazing work you are doing.
Shila Jassal
Akashic Record Training

An amazing addition to my toolkit to help clients

I was at your training yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you.  
I felt it ran at a good pace and I found the content interesting and helpful.  I hope it will be an amazing addition to my toolkit to help clients over the coming weeks, months and years.  I am sure I will have more questions, once I have time to digest the content, so look forward to the zoom Q&A sessions, which are a great addition. Loved the training and love your work.
Jackie Perez
Akashic Record Training

I have made significant progress already with “seeing”

 I found the online workshop very thorough and all the pdf’s mean that I have all the information and know how to start practising. 
Thank you very much for this marvellous opportunity to help cleanse our friends and family at least!! I can’t wait!  
I have made significant progress already with “seeing” thanks to the meditation. It was a great addition to your workshop Adrian.
Corinne Jackson
Akashic Record Training

The pace, content and length were perfect

Thank you so much for the Akashic training on Sunday. It was wonderful and very powerful. I thought the pace, content and length were perfect. I’m now in the process of trying to set up some complimentary sessions to really understand it better and make use of it which is exciting.
Katie Read
Akashic Record Training

Thank you for including the dragons

 Thank you so much for the training. It was very informative and very powerful. I will practise this and I have a few people lined up already including a lady who has done the training too. I had a great time during this workshop. It’s something about Adrian that you just want to keep listening, it’s a special quality. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also for including the dragons, they really feel special when they get included to do important work.
Akashic Record Training

Great tips and new knowledge

I am trained in Akashic record clearing but got some great tips and new knowledge, I really enjoyed your class and love
your energy Adrian.
Even at 3am in the morning, lol!
I have had 2 clients since your training and both said they noticed changes that day.
Lisa Maria Jones
Akashic Record Training

Extremely helpful

I absolutely love the script and the detailed information. I like the questions in the beginning with the client. All of it was extremely helpful to understand the process. I learned so much with this deeper training. I will be practising with the scripts and materials that you provided. I’m looking forward to the February training also.
Heather Norell
Akashic Record Training

Presence, safety and confidence

 Adrian provides very useful, concise information and protocols. His most important gift is his presence which comes through supporting our sense of safety and confidence.
Akashic Record Training

Useful discussions and practical application

An excellent course, well worth taking.  Valuable information throughout with useful discussions and practical application.  I highly recommend it.
Akashic Record Training

Authenticity and excitement

 Lovely to see you collaborating with another knowledgeable teacher. Lovely group of people in the training. I loved all the authenticity and excitement.
Akashic Record Training

Very useful, concise information

 Adrian provides very useful, concise information and protocols. His most important gift is his presence which comes through supporting our sense of safety and confidence.
Akashic Record Training

The chance to experience a group session was wonderful

 I found this course to have much useful information and practical usage in my life and that of my clients.  There was so much content, and the chance to experience a group session was wonderful.
Akashic Record Training

Amazing training

The training was amazing and I loved it.
Akashic Record Training

Amazing day

I had an amazing day, thank you Adrian
Akashic Record Training